Article by: Elpida Verita


Translation by: Harriet Spala

Life suddenly arrives and stands in front of me, ready to rush me to its own rhythm. I try to escape but it grabs me so tightly and forces me to follow it! Life sometimes makes me feel so low, I become depressed and before I take a breath it elevates me high again – a situation that I truly cannot control.

Obligations are many and quite often I feel so tired I can hardly get out of bed so I cannot ever be punctual. I must take my medicine and maintain my therapy, while I really don’t like all this at all. I see people walk away from me but I have such a hard time keeping them by my side, because battling every single day for my life is hard enough. “You must stay strong” I whisper in an effort to console myself, yet there are moments where I can hardly find any comfort or consolation. I know deep down inside me that when the lights go out every night, darkness lurks around me while life disappears for a bit and whenever it wants it reappears.

I so am angry at life you see! Life is always calm and serene and it always forgets how much it pesters me. However very often, I am so deeply grateful for everything I have been taught from life!

Some people discover a glimpse of hope within their lives. Some other people finding a glimpse of hope is so much harder! Sometimes you are too high or other times so low it turns everything into something so much harder and complicated, yet you must keep on going. You keep on fighting even though you know that this situation will appear again and again. You feel the pain but you keep hoping that this storm will die down…yeah, it always blows over!

It’s just a bipolar life!