Editor: Irene Konstantopoulou
Special Educator

Our mistakes may not be what defines us, but they are the moments that specify our course. We need a slap in the face to wake up and realize that our road, or our decisions may not be the best possible. For better or worse, we must take the ‘bait’ of making mistakes to be taught and to be able to have a clear view on anything we do. I think that once we develop a stable personality we are capable of considering what would be better for us in the future. That stable personality I think follows certain experiences that one cannot have while in adolescence.

‘Something’ that you’ll be grateful for. Yes, you don’t know how you’ll be thinking many years from now, so that something will have to ‘grow’ so you can harvest it when ready. This is where we’re reminded of what our parents told us ever since we remember ourselves. To act appropriately in our lives, meaning, taking the right steps that could guarantee supposedly, a life without difficulties. I don’t refer to the difficulties that emerge in our daily lives but we are not aware of them beforehand, but to those that we know or suspect. We may argue that professional uncertainty in one of them.

‘Something’ that you’ll be grateful for.

To not regret for the things that you have done.. they say. You must not think about it selfishly, saying: ‘I never regret for the things I do, either I have thought about them or not’. To process them beforehand even if they don’t apply to the future. Because the world is too small and you never know how circumstances turn out.

‘Something’ that you’ll be grateful for. Whatever you do, do it sensibly. If you are the extreme type you may do things that will be negative for your future and may stigmatize you. Don’t let anyone judge you based on his preconceptions on you, either verbal or witnessed.

‘Something’ that you’ll be grateful for. Don’t loose yourself.. If you loose it, find it again.. I think that’s ‘one’ thing that you will be grateful to your young and beautiful version when years have gone by….


Mario Alonso Puig (2012) – Reinventing yourself (Marshall Cavendish Business)