Editor: Katerina Tsitoura

Charming and frightening at the same time, karma resonates in our ears like that invisible director who sews with threads of joy and pain our own lives, who carries at our doorstep doomed lovers and fortune-hunting poets who are eventually urge us to give a meaning to our evolution steps.

The word ‘karma’ is mostly considered of Sanskritic origin and obtains the semantics of energy. If one attempts analysing the etymology, he will observe that ‘kar’ denotes action and ‘ma’ result. According to Hinduism and Buddhism, karma is identical with the law of causality, the inevitable relation of cause and effect the well known law of action-reaction.

Now think of the world as a movie where the script has been written in advance, as the soul long before it incarnates in the present material substance, has carefully picked the story and the players that would thrust her wisely into her natural light.

Have you heard, I wonder the saying by J. Rumi ‘Anything you pursue, pursues you’? So, according to the law of karma, there are no accidental encounters but only predetermined experiences that address our specific questions to the universe at a specific instant.

The people that touched your soul, also whispered a note from your destiny’s tune and possibly stayed by your side as long as it was necessary for you to comprehend the lesson carried by their energy. And if they left your side, and if you somewhere in their course, left them behind, it is because your common route reached its end and the goal was accomplished. They taught you something, remember that. Maybe its the power of love, the intoxicating aurora of carelessness, the gratitude of selfless friendship. Some harmed you, made you cry, made you feel betrayed. Don’t get angry at them though, because whatever you may had experienced as pain may have been one of those cups you had to drink to quench your thirst at a later time during the spring of self-awareness.

Every player is an answer to the question ‘who am I”, every experience an epoch of our heart’s calendar. Let renaissance softly touch your soul when you accept the Spring, dance to the rhythm of a life that knows how to exhilarate your summers, but never forget that you wouldn’t really value sunshine without contemplating of the autumn or the grave grief of a grim winter.

We may choose after all the epochs and clothe them afterwards with their matching persons.. It may be that relationships never end but let go our hands precisely at the moment we sense that we can go on without them. And undoubtedly we all seek peace but there’re many times that we have to walk different paths from our former partners to uncover it.

Now, you stare at me at the airport of the eternal dilemma. You stand before me with an expression of despair and a burden of your grand suitcase of memories. You’re thinking that as soon as the plane takes off, it will be too late for second thoughts. Don’t worry though.. At the end you will choose the flight you craved for and after you’ve chosen, it will designate the answer to the question you now address at the sage sky.

If you can hear me up there, at the stars of your own flight, know that you allowed your ears to capture the echo of my voice.


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