Article by: Anna Zanidaki


Translation by: Harriet Spala

I look through the pages of my book of life which I have edited so carefully, in my effort to be a better person, yet I realize quite a few things. Mostly, what I understand and have realized so far is that we create our own story and maybe erase it and rewrite it – yet it’s a process exclusively done solely by us.

There is neither need for comment nor taking into consideration other’s opinions, nor are we forced to think like them and follow their viewing angles, anguishes or concerns. No that is out of the question and so unnecessary.

The primary need surely is to find ourselves, to arise from any disappointments, pitfalls and even hardships or situations that we may have entered into, or led into, yet because of our stubbornness and patience, we have managed to survive and keep living our victories, not our losses that could turn out as a happy ending for others but for us unpleasant and dissuasive.

It solely concerns us, what our balance, our negotiations ought to be and we have to keep others at a distance and in such a place in order to show them who is the true master of the game and that we are no puppets of impotent and unwieldy people who tried to tear us apart further more than we had done ourselves already.

We were torn apart from ourselves, not from reality but from harsh situations and these pieces we tried to assemble and make an offering not to the temple of forgiveness of sins, but to the temple of the fallen heroes, who sacrificed their life for us without second thought. Life’s wants and needs – an exaltation.

We expect with endurance, agony, much more with that sweet craving, to see to feel and experience our exaltation, our supremacy in overcoming all given situations of our specifications and place regarding our future and what life will possibly allow us to lead and be ahead of our… responsibilities.

We must face our responsibilities seriously and whole heartedly, honestly, to be able to bear anything by and large, ourselves staring at the mirror. A well kept and polished mirror, able to show simply and clearly our true character at all times and show any tiny blemish of thought in order to be able to admonish it.

We must resolve these issues inside us first and after, with reason, prudence, temperance, self respect express them, discuss them and communicate them.