Author (Greek version): Maria Smirnakis


Translation: Harriet Spala

We think a lot about the meaning of life; we have a tendency to try to locate it somewhere in the future, into something different from our current lives, in something that might occur later on. Often this tendency of ours is accompanied by a feeling of vanity, as soon as we realize that this specific moment or whatever we wish for or dream about, this one thing that will complete us and lead us to live an unprecedented sense of completeness, might never even happen – we may never live this moment at all!

So, what meaning would our life have? Not only the life we have already lived and still live, but also what meaning our life that we expect to live will have? Is there a chance to ever be truly happy? How will our life have meaning without the certainty that sometime throughout our lives, we shall truly feel great with what we have and what we shall be?

These thoughts although familiar, lead us with certainty to a dead end just as much and do not allow us to truly let go and live our lives to the fullest and experience every beautiful moment that occurs, to stop and enjoy our moments, to experience love and offer it to our significant others.

The reason is because the meaning of life cannot be found in what will occur in the future. This is the best way for anyone to postpone the chance to live the actual meaning of life, to keep expecting something that is missing from his/her life or the present, to expect something that might occur the next day, or any other moment in the future. If anyone looks back on his/her life, he/she will realize that in every stage something different was missing or he/she never had everything they had wished for. Why on earth then should the future develop into something different?

The meaning of life therefore ought not to be uncertain but rather tangible, specific, real, sustainable, complete. Alive as the moments that occur now, that you go through, while living your life. The meaning of life lies to all the beautiful moments and everything around you that unfold in front of you today. In everything that is given to you without any expectation, because love always finds a way, its unique way to reach you. However, when you expect love in a precise way, it is possible that you will not allow love to reach you in ways it can, in ways that could be far superior towards your current expectations.

The meaning of life can only exist in the present, now. Ιt cannot be found anywhere else but only through the love that comes in various ways into your life. All you have to do is to let go and experience it and through your own way of existence, raise the meaning of life to its ultimate levels!