Author (Greek version): Konstantina Serbi

Undergraduate student of Philosophy, Pedagogy & Psychology

Translation: Evelina Koutsikopoulou

When fantasy meets reality and reality transmutes into a fallen paradise. Because, when you bite the pear, you lose any kind of control. And I always preferred apples anyways.

How did a piece of rib developed to an unequal distribution of power, intelligence and sexual orientation? This tale, with an idealized and highly pure content, without the red, danger signs in the top right corner of the screen, explains the development of the two sexes. Today we reached a nodal point. It is important to brazenly trumpet what you truly are. There is a permanent sense of anxiety to publicly declare your sexual preferences. You hand the keys to the voyeur and say “thank you” at the end.

When the struggle for equality becomes effortless and a screen is full of stories, today’s modern fairy tales. When humanity has been misunderstood on high heels.

Sexual preferences in today’s world full of different types of people and categories – people who do not want to be categorized, but they are keen to categorize you – causes frustration. Frustration because a lot of importance is placed on what elicits pleasure to someone rather than what the person truly is. So many sexes, so many categories and a biblical snake.

You can be whatever you want to be; determine yourself on the idea of the human race. A prefix in front of your name is just a grammatical remark.