Editor: Irene Konstantopoulou
Special Educator

…and the sound of music is humming as you’re lying on your bed. You shut your eyes and as if you restrained yourself for quite some time now, you burst into tears. Sometimes crying is redeeming sometimes.

Perhaps you don’t want to stop. You start with a pretense but the underlying cause is other. The emotion is the same though. You feel empty.

Loneliness. How can you feel so lonely in a relationship? You can’t… Relations are not like that. What has become of mutual understanding, respect, honesty? Were they ever there?

Everything and nothing is to blame. Indifference, lies, the non-existent desire for communication… But the most heart-wrenching characteristic is that you are convinced that all these can change.

You’ve heard that love is blind. It doesn’t let you understand what is really happening around you. On the contrary you embellish people and circumstances that you may never have embellished if your emotions were not so intense.

Don’t loose yourself to hold on to someone that doesn’t want to stay.

In the book ‘the road to self-dependence’, Jorge Bucay says: ‘To know that we need each other, to be able to internalize that need until we find what we want and seek, something we can hold on to. That is love.’

If someone is not what we need let’s keep looking until we do find him and not stall to a mediocre relationship that we constantly try to change and fit to our own measures…. We need people around us that need us. Not for for the reason of satisfying their egos but because they feel serene and complete with us.

To accept nothing less than that we feel deserves us and most of all not to say to ourselves ‘nothing changes, now the damage is done’.


Bucay, J. (2005). The power of self-dependence. Harper Paperbacks