Author: Irene Konstantopoulou
Special educator

How many times have we desired what we don’t have? Too many a time I’d say! The reason that we desire something that in our minds is devised differently than it is in reality. The ideal future, the ideal house, the ideal partner, the ideal relation, the ideal garments, the ideal car etc.

Let’s be honest, when you’re fantasizing, there are no limits or constraints. By creating in our heads something better than what we already have in reality, makes us believe that it can be found.

Careful! It’s one thing to set targets I want accomplished and another to create something idealized.

Are we not content with what we already have, or are we constantly looking for something new?

However, there is an alternative outlook, the one of ‘I don’t want what I have’, not only for disliking it but because I don’t want it.

You choose something by thinking, in theory it’s the one that satisfies you more than any other choice you’d make. Why end up not wanting it ?

Personally I believe that the dilemma shouldn’t be what I want that I don’t have and what I don’t want from those that I do have. We should be 100% content with what we have and try to evolve henceforth. To set goals and try to attain them without grumbling for the things we don’t have.

There is no ideal, but maybe there is ‘our own’ perfection, what we have achieved with effort, persistence and most of all patience. This ideal greatly differs among people. Maybe you’d like to be famous, with much money and a comfortable life. If this how you imagine your own perfection, try to create it. If for a moment it ceases to be then try for a different ‘ideal’ of your own.


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