George Kitsaras


In October 2014, Georgios Fragkakis (creator of ANIMARTISTS) said: “My strength is my soul”. This phrase repeatedly plays in my head. I’m thinking that a soul that loves is a soul that knows no boundaries; but, instead, it travels, wanders, climbs, stumbles, smiles, and continuously evolves. In its path, it runs across images. Images followed by sounds, scents, flavours, and senses. And it does so, as if it seeks places to shelter, be heard, or interact with anything that generates its emotions. Emotions that desperately and endlessly look for a way to get out of their rut and dive into the unknown, as they yearn for the unpredictable…”

This is how ANIMARTISTS came to life! In Latin, ANIMA means “wind”. The soul, our ‘psyche’ can be nothing short of a vivid, unchained spirit; a “wind” that yearns to explore and transform as life takes its path. ARTISTS, on the other hand, are the creators of art, the agents of beauty and the things they envision and emit to other ethereal levels of cognition. When combined, ANIMA + ARTISTS can achieve unique and intricate creations that transcend traditional boundaries and allow for a deeper and more meaningful exploration of the most intimate yet fascinatingly interesting facets of our lives.

In order to achieve this ambitious goal, we need each and every one of you!

If you are someone who likes writing of any style, if you are interested even vaguely in psychology (i.e. humans), culture (i.e. everything around us) or awareness (i.e. yourself) then please do come forward and reach out to us. You don’t have to be experts in your field just brave enough to put your thoughts and ideas out there for others to read. It is not as scary as it might sound and we will be there next to you along the way. So, don’t waste any time, use our social media accounts or our in-page contact form to get in contact. The sooner the better!

To write an article you don’t need to apply, or have submitted to us before.  So, tell your friends, if you have an insight, story, opinion editorial or research you’d like to share with the world! Simply use our in-page contact form (top of the page), our social media accounts (@Animartists or ) or drop us an email at

We are looking forward to hearing from all of you as we embark in the next leg of our journey!