Editor: Meni Koutsosimou
Psychologist- Mental Health Counselor
Masters in Social Psychiatry – Psychiatry of Children
Professor at Medical School University of Ioannina
Post-doc at Medical University of Ioannina at the Quality of Services

Translator: Elina Papadochatzaki

Even the erotic games have their rules.

Respect that as best as you can.

If not, that’s even better.

Game 01: Time becomes an ally, when you exploit it.

For starters, you have to agree on a time limit, I suggest 20-25 minutes. It is customary to use a watch, if you do not look at it and it does not stress you out, at alarm set. Since you look at each other, you agree upon the rules with a character of foreplay. Everything is slow and unbearable.

Sex tip… With a main course

Trust me… The sexual alertness will not be long.

Game 02: Turn the machine on.

You understood well. Everything starts from here, from the minimum usable space. The innocence of that era imposes for you to choose a safe place and indulge in promiscuities inside the car. The bonus mind game is to get back the lust of the first time. Even if you get caught or become a laughing stock just by the sound of a horn, you will remember that for a long time.

Sex tip… I know that it is not possible.

Trust me… The renewal wants a safe flash.

Game 03: Truth or Dare?

This is your chance to get over the taboo with a game from your school years. You choose one after the other between “truth”-question to answer- or “dare” – do whatever you have to-. Find the meaning behind to whatever blocked you under other circumstances, express yourselves by projecting as your only alibi the rules of the game.

Sex tip… yes to everything.

Trust me… Extra tip choose Dare

Game 04: Close your eyes, open your perspectives.

It is more stimulating to guide your partner in the beginning with the eyes closed, even at the sight of the way, from one room to another one. Start slowly, from which area of touching you choose intuitively. The game is being played at very slow rates when you start and later you raise the intensity. The darkness sharpens the senses. The tension, psychologically, is elevated when you know that you do not control the game.

Sex tip… You have to win the moan.

Trust me… The limits exist so that you can exceed them.

Game 05: At the restriction you meet the control.

Have you ever pushed your limits? So, can you bear it? You choose the roles, prison guard and prisoner. You need the essentials, even if the bed does not have prison bars. You tie mostly the hands. The point is to give in the vulnerable body. Your only equipment, a scarf, a rope…

Sex tip… A tie; it is about time you saw it differently.

Trust me… The limits exist so that you can exceed them.

Game 06: I did not have time to…

I suggest you get together in the bathtub or in the shower. The goal is relaxation and intimacy through tenderness. Whatever offers heat and a childlike feeling. The care of the sensitive areas demands trust and surgical calculations. The more you indulge in the danger, the more it will be appreciated.

Sex tip… Not a grooming recital.

Trust me… No more complexes.

Game 07: If you are not a good boy/girl.

Will you confess? Start from the mistakes of the day… Emphasize on the mistakes that cannot be fixed. The punishment is extremely like an aphrodisiac. A little bit of pain does not hurt. Give him permission to use his hand if you do not want something more elaborate… Let’s say a whip. The logical objections under the appropriate stimulating conditions are being bent and they become delightfully revealing.

Sex tip… Literally no mercy.

Trust me… Your personality will not be ruined by that.

Game 08: One for you and one for me.

Can you become a child again? Can you remember that the laughter relaxes you? Agree upon a rule. The loser takes it all, while the winner is obliged to do a sexual favor to the loser. If you only know how to win, it’s time to change that. The point is to create motives for games with the loss of innocence. I suggest you start by wearing all of your clothes, so that the winner will gradually undress.

Sex tip… Tickle each other until you cry.

Trust me… Just, because…

Game 09: Let go in my arms.

Low lights to accompany your thoughts and perfumed candles in a lounge atmosphere. You need a body towel, special oil that you must order to the drug store with relaxing essential oils. The scents are a basic tool… So take it easy. Do you want exposure? You can play together, with your hand and later with your body.

Sex tip… Do not use eucalyptus oil in the sensitive areas.

Trust me… As they only know in the East.

Game 10: In the next card, you burn.

No matter how much you know about poker, in this case the rules change the given. Give to each symbol a different meaning. Do you expect me to tell you? I cannot betray all of my secrets. You decide… The action is only a thought away. You open your cards one by one with a controlled delay… Of course in turns.

Sex tip… Whoever loses at a card game, will win at love.

Trust me… Not me, good luck.

“Your turn”

P.S. We should live naughtily. I cannot find another word. Naughty…
Everything is ephemeral and nothing is to be taken for granted.


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